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Bag Lady

18 Jan

I wish I had a dollar for every time I’ve left my reusable shopping bags in my car, in my home, etc. Then I optimistically buy a new one at the store, and it just becomes this perpetual cycle of self-loathing. I am a good person, and I’ve always felt like and environmentalist in my heart…I remember several times on various choir tours where I personally got on the loud speakers and asked them to please not accept any Big Macs in styrofoam. I performed at countless Earth Days in Corvallis and Portland. I give to eco friendly organizations. I really try to do my part….but those stinkin’ bags…..they sit in my trunk, garage, kitchen….you get the picture.

Then last Christmas my mother gifted me the fabulous reusable grocery sack that has it’s own holder. It pops into my purse, and viola! Gone is my excuse for not having a bag.


The company who makes them is called Reisenthel, and they have an incredible line of market bags, from the mini/maxi shopper, to wheeled market bags, and even a very chic looking picnic basket. A shopping bag like mine can be purchased for under ten bucks on Amazon.com.

Just today I ran into another great bag option made out of Tyvek material for less than $3 at Alberson’s. Tyvek is suprprisingly thin, light, and durable. This bag is more compact when in my purse, but it is also a bit smaller.

I like them both, with the Tyvek bag being more reasonable, but I am now lusting after a Reisenthel carrycruiser! It has wheels, and would be perfect for Saturday Markets!!