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How to Handle the Halloween Leftovers

9 Nov

The weather in Portland this Halloween was absolutely sublime. In anticipation of hoards of children, I bought extra candy….BIG MISTAKE!!

When you have two kids marauding through the neighborhood as well as your own leftover candy in the house, it inevitably comes to this….what to do with all the leftover candy?

I know a woman who stashes it and uses it to stuff stockings on Christmas Eve….I don’t have that kind of willpower.

Last year I came up with the idea of chopping up the leftover candy and putting it in a vanilla bundt cake….and I have to say its a hit!!

I start with a box of Duncan Heinz Butter Recipe Golden cake mix. It is my standby, and I buy it every time it is on sale. Make the cake per directions on the box. Then, chop up assorted chocolate candies (approx 1 cup chopped) and place in middle of bundt cake pan. Bake per directions, and finish off with half a can of chocolate icing warmed in the microwave and drizzled on top. Nom!!

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