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13 May

My youngest daughter is 8 years old with congenital brain damage. She is what is fondly referred to as “special needs”, although at first glance you might not notice. She has a condition known as Agenesis of the Corpus Callosum, which is a blog for another day. For today, just know that she doesn’t always process information the same as your average 9 year old.

Enter neighbor girl. She moved here about a year ago, and I’ve frankly never cared for her. She is always telling my daughter that she is fat and she needs to exercise.  She bosses my daughter around so much that after 15 minutes in our house, my daughter comes up to me and asks if she can send her home. She’s pushy, loud, insulting and rude…great qualities to have on a playground!!

We have, from time to time,  sent this child of God home on more than one occasion for various infractions, which usually keeps her at bay for a few weeks. She showed up again this weekend out of the blue, asking if my daughter could play. Hope springs eternal in me, so I decided to give this little darling yet another chance. Big mistake.

While Hubs and I were gardening out front, the two girls went inside to look at our new kittens. When they left to walk the girl home, my daughter was acting suspicious. When asked what she was hiding, my daughter only looked to her friend and shrugged.

“What?! She has Nothing!”

came the voice of the neighbor, followed by the all knowing smile which really should have tipped me off. But, I was engrossed in my gardening, so I let it go. I told my daughter that she could walk the girl partially home, as long as she did not cross the street, and then come right back.

A minute became ten, and then fifteen. I rushed to the girl’s home, only to find that my daughter had indeed crossed the street. I put on my best angry mom voice:

“I TOLD you not to cross the street! Now you are in BIG trouble! Get over here, NOW!”

At this point the little darling tried to back peddle, “I told her not to cross the street!”

My daughter cannot lie to save herself…her brain doesn’t work fast enough to think of a lie (lucky me!) So, when asked what she was doing across the street with before mentioned child of God, she replied “Well, she told me to steal a jar of sprinkles from the house, and we ate them and tossed the empty jar in the bushes…” She was so nonchalant about it: it was amazing.

Today it’s sprinkles, tomorrow it’s alcohol. I’m officially done with this little neighbor girl.