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He’s much more than a meat man….he’s a national treasure

26 Jul

Victor from Victor's European MeatsI’ve been reluctant about praising this place, because I wanted it to be my little secret. But I can’t hold it in any longer…

Witold is a national treasure. He should be featured in gourmet magazines from coast to coast for his old world technique and high quality results.

I can’t get enough of his Black Forrest Ham….and the Krakowska is a polish pork that is ground up with salami type spices and then smoked….it is to DIE for. I’m always good for a pound of each when I come in. When I have company in from out of town, I will buy the whole  Krakowska, and hang it in my kitchen to impress the foodies! You haven’t lived until you’ve had an omelet with Krakowska and horseradish cheddar!!

Turkey jerky is, indeed, the best anywhere.

During Christmas he makes a pate that would put anything in France to shame. I always stock up on Christmas Eve, because it’s a once a year unicorn kind of thing. His liverwurst is also incredible. I love that it’s all made BY HAND in his back kitchen/smokehouse (which he gave me a tour of once)

Another treasure trove of items you might otherwise walk by….the canned goods. They are sitting unassumingly on the shelves, but oh MY!! There are pickles that are Cracovia brand, which he imports from Poland. The Kartuskie pickles are a blend between sweet and dill….amazing. Also good are the Cracovia pickled beets….better than anything America has in a jar. My kids love the rose hip syrup in 7-up to make their own Shirley Temples at home, and I love the currant juice to make un kirs with champagne:)

As you can see, I am a big fan.

But what brings me back again and again is Witold. He is the cutest, sweetest man with elfin features….he reminds me of my Sicilian great grandfather, only the Polish version. A no-nonsense but fun loving sweet soul of a man.

Don’t let the strip mall appearance frighten you away…this guy is old school delicious.