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Why I can’t stand Fifty Shades of Grey

3 Jul

I finally did it. I caved.

I downloaded the ubiquitous “50 shades of Grey”. I wanted to see if it lived up to the hype. I’ve heard the media rave about this racy trilogy. To be honest, I found it completely unbelievable and ridiculous.

Not because it’s written from the point of view of Anastasia Steele, 24-year-old virgin  who falls for Christian Grey, a 27-year-old self-made gazillionaire who owns a corporate dynasty while also learning to pilot helicopters and who has a penchant for the BDSM lifestyle (Google it if you don’t know what ‘m talking about)

Not because it is basically Twilight, with Subs and Doms instead of vampires and werewolves….

Not because it reads as if written by a high school girl, with a few big words thrown in here and there, meant to impress: yet falls short of the mark. It’s badly edited and the cadence often feels rushed. The characters are rather one-dimensional, and if I never the words “mercurial” or “inner-goddess” again I’ll be grateful.

It’s mommy porn. A  guilty pleasure. A Harlequin romance novel on steroids.

But this is not why I find Fifty Shades of Grey unbelievable.

The reason I find it completely unbelievable is because we are to believe that the heroine of the story, Anastasia was able to make it through college at  WSU in Vancouver, Washington without a laptop or a cell phone…. really? What parent in 2011 sends their child away to college without a laptop? or a cell phone? Completely unfathomable. In  fact, a recent study points to full time college students owning both a laptop and a cell phone, with 35% of college students owning 2 laptops. So when Christian Grey gifts Anastasia Steele with her first laptop and her first cell phone, I found the rest of the novel impossible to read. I don’t care how steamy it is or how dreamy they are.

As an added treat, I give you Ellen DeGeneres reading 50 Shades of Grey: