A rose by any other name….

15 Sep

So many titles, so little time. With every bio I read on Twitter of Google+ I come across yet another inventedly bloated version for social media person. It is NOT enough to say you dabble in social media….you must proclaim yourself an expert. I find this funny, because I’ve run across so many crazy names along the way. Some inventive, some over-reaching, and some just plain silly.

So here is my quick and dirty list of favorite self-appointed social media titles of all time:

  • Social Media Ninja- Just who are they hired to kill? And do they show up for work in the shinobi shozoko?
  • Social Media Guru – seriously? Which social media swami died and made you guru?
  • Social Media Czar– same as above, but insert Slavic ruler for swami.
  • Social Media Rockstar– Now, while I love Social Media, and I love Rockstars, this title makes me wonder what a green room with Scobelizer would feel like with The Rolling Stones in it with him? Could you imagine Mick Jagger “So, what is it with this ‘Twittah’ thing? I don’t follow?….”
  • Professional Chatter Monkey– Yeah, I’d pay big bucks to hire this person to speak to my Board of Directors….
  • Virtual Worlds Developer– Sounds like someone who plays with 20 sided dice to me. Not someone I want to pay hourly…..
Still stuck on what to call yourself? Have no fear! Here is a handy-dandy Social Media Name Generator for you to try! Cheers!

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