If Twitter were to catch fire…..

30 Aug

At a recent Portland Tweetup I had a discussion with Tym from @FormPhotography and we were discussing the cost of portraits, and photography in general. He brought up a great point….we spend thousands on home furnishings, but if you were to wake up in the middle of the night and the house was on fire, what are we the first to grab? Photo albums…. I personally keep most of my photos in an entry way sideboard with drawers that is right by the front door. I’ve already instructed each kid to grab a drawer on the way out….Yeah, I’m paranoid like that.

So, imagine for a moment that Twitter was on fire….what is the one tool you’d take with you as you ran out the door? For me it’s easy…

Hootsuite. It’s not absolute, but it’s a time saver, and I find it handy for so many reasons. I appreciate the ability to schedule my #FF tweets in advance, and I love the easy to use interface when switching between client’s accounts. I love having several columns open in each stream, so that I can do brand monitoring while I scan the DMs and RTs and I love that I can also manage everything from my phone.

I’m not happy that it seems as if every other Ht.ly URL I post with photos or video seem to get lost in the tubes, and there are times when the iPhone App is not a quick to refresh as I’d like. It’s not perfect, but neither am I. I’ll be tucking hootly under my arm if Twitter ever catches fire. How about you? What is your favorite Twitter App? The one you couldn’t live without?


2 Responses to “If Twitter were to catch fire…..”

  1. Chris Westfall (@westfallonline) September 6, 2011 at 1:59 am #

    I have to agree with you on hootsuite, although sometimes I’d like to set fire to this app. I use it on my iPhone and it tends to choke and burp when it comes to dm’s and scheduling tweets. But, all in all, it’s the best I’ve tried so far and I wouldn’t leave the Matrix without it.

    • thyroidinfo September 7, 2011 at 5:53 pm #

      Wouldn’t you know it, the minute I bragged on Hootsuite here, they change thier UI and now I find the laptop version most unuser friendly compared to the old way….grrr…..

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