The Week Before Christmas

17 Dec

I usually do rock star Christmas newsletters….I write them in a school newspaper kind of format, and write one article on each member of the family, and fill it with tons of great photos….

But back in 2004, I was completely overwhelmed with things, and came down with the flu. It was my body’s way of telling me to slow down, and so I had no choice but to buck up and listen. It was killing me not to get my newsletter out, but instead I wrote the following poem:

‘Tis the week before Christmas, And I have the flu. But there’s cooking and shopping and mailing to do.
I started the year with the best of intention. But the year sped right by, really too quick to mention.

The trees up and and lit, but beneath it is barren. There’s no gifts below for the openin’ and sharin’.
There’s Kevin, our player, he’s now six foot five. Part boy, now more man, though, and soon he will drive.

He’d love a new car, but our budget’s too tight. Besides, I’m too nervous for him to leave sight!
There’s Kelly, who’s six, and just learing to read. Still shy as the Dickens, but someday she’ll lead.

When questioned which gift she’d like under the tree,”Let Santa surprise me!” her answer to me.
There’s Caitlin, our baby, who had such a rough start. She’s so full of life now, and lives with all heart.

Her list for dear Santa (too large for a tyke But I think what she wants is a big-girl style bike.
I sit here and ponder this end of December…How do I make this a season to remember?

I envisioned a wonderful Christmas for all. But I realize now I just can’t do it all.
The time’s running out as the real tension mounts. And then I remember “It’s the thought that counts.”

Our kids are our treasure, our family so dear. Our friends are there for us throughout every year.
Bill and I are lucky, we thank stars above. And we live by his motto…”It’s all about the love.”

So forgive if this card comes without a newsletter .And if it comes after Christmas, Well, so much the better.
If you’ve sent us a card, know it’s our day you make,. And if you’ve not sent one, we’ll give you a break.

But please know we think of you fondly this season, And we’re sending you love, because love is the reason.
The reason for living, the heart of God’s light. Merry Christmas to All, and to All a Goodnight!


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