How much is Mom worth?

9 May


10) Family Reunion Organizer

9) Fundraiser for Little League (cheerfully referred to as the “Candy Mom”)

8) The one person who scrubs your toilet

7) Classroom organizer (like a community organizer, but in the classroom)

6) Nose wiper/blower

5) The pooper scooper of the household

4) Youth team coach/director

3)Christmas wish-filler

2)Homework runner-to-school (wish I had a dollar fore every time I do this)

1)The all around “mommy magic” maker.

Now don’t get me wrong. I cherish all of the jobs I do, and this is really  more about realizing how much the stay at home mom does. The thousand natural things that moms are heir to.

So, how much is your mom worth? Or, if YOU are a mom, how much are you worth? Calculate it out with this handy tool.

Happy Mothers Day to all!!


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