What happened to neighborly?

7 May

As some of my Facebook friends are aware, I recently had an unpleasant run in with my nieghbor when we took down some trees that were leaning towards my neighbor’s kitchen. Seems they would rather it fall on their kitchen and have their insurance company pay for a remodel than have us do the responsible thing and take it down. here is the video for those who missed it:

Anyhoo, now we are having problems with the grade school boys across the street organizing air rifle raids on the block. There are sometimes as many as 8 kids with these air rifles firing willy nilly all over the neighborhood. It’s crazy.

Now, I’m not rocking on the porch lamenting about the good old days, but why can’t people just be decent to each other? I live in a very nice neighborhood with many professionals and stay at home moms, but I have to cover my kids eyes to protect them from pellets and epithets.

I just want to bake a bunch of neighborly cookies and deliver them…hoping they get the hint.


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